Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022)

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Introduction to Salus Journal

We are delighted to present Salus Journal vol 10, no 2. It has been a challenging year for researchers around the world, especially given the newfound opportunities and vulnerabilities in security, influenced in part by the pandemic context. This issue has important contributions which promote the safety, security, and wellbeing of people around the world, and advances knowledge for the public good. This issue contains studies ranging from retail crime in the COVID-19 pandemic by Donald Meyerhoff, a review of evidence-based policing by Garth den Heyer, an investigation of cyber-policing in Nigeria by Usman Adekunle Ojedokun and Samson Imoleayo Oshilaja, reflections on Freedom of Information by Mehzeb Chowdhury, opioid affects by Weiss et al, and a book review by Samantha Jones.

While the scope and intent of Salus Journal remains the same, the journal has undergone several changes this year in association with the appointment of the new Joint Editors-in-Chief: Dr Kristy Campion and Dr Jamie Ferrill. Dr Kristy Campion is a terrorism and security studies scholar, with a research focus domestic and transnational threats to Australian security. Dr Jamie Ferrill is political sociologist, with a research focus on national and economic security threats such as money laundering.

We are embarking on an ambitious renewal project of Salus Journal, with a new journal title page, website, and editorial board. We thank our departing editorial board members for their service over the years, and our continuing editorial members for their continued support of Salus Journal. We also welcome new editorial board members to contribute to our international community of research excellence:

Professor Christian Leuprecht, Queens University
Professor Debra Smith, Victoria University
Associate Professor Kelly Sundberg, Mount Royal University
Dr Benjamin Lee, University of St Andrews

We look forward to working with you all in the coming years.

After ten years of support for Salus Journal, we must advise that Kellie Smyth, the Production Editor, has retired from her position. Kellie played an important role in the creation of the journal and was an influential part of the production process. Her diligence and patience over the years has supported academic excellence, and scholars around the world, in a direct and meaningful way. We thank Kellie for her work and wish her all the best for the future. We welcome Mark Filmer as the new Production Editor of Salus Journal. Mark Filmer is the Research Editor at Charles Sturt University. He has extensive experience in print media and communications. He is an award-winning journalist, author of Three Steel Teeth: Wide Comb Shears and Woolshed Wars, and a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

Finally, this edition – like all editions – is only made possible through the tireless work of our community of peer reviewers. We thank our peer reviewers for their continued support and commitment to research excellence.

Joint Editors-in-Chief,
Dr Kristy Campion & Dr Jamie Ferrill


Published: 2022-10-01

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