Nature and Patterns of Kidnapping for Ransom in Ekiti State, Nigeria


  • Ayomide Augustine Ilori
  • Joseph Olusola Adeleye


Nature, Patterns, Kidnapping, Kidnappers, Ransom


Despite the criminalisation of kidnapping in Nigeria by the Nigerian criminal codes and an Anti-Kidnapping Act, Ekiti State continues to experience kidnapping schemes for ransom that have raised concerns among its residents. Using the routine activity theory, purposive sampling method, and qualitative findings, this study found that kidnappers in Ekiti State have similar criminal histories and are not highly organised criminals. The victims of kidnappings are varied, including kidnappers’ family members, civil servants, business owners, and clergy. Therefore, it is recommended that affluent families and high-profile individuals in Ekiti State maintain a low profile and avoid disclosing their whereabouts to untrusted family members, acquaintances, or strangers. Residents of Ekiti State should invest in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) measures for their homes and work or business places to prevent kidnappings. Additionally, the Nigerian Police Force should establish a surveillance and response unit to combat kidnapping in Ekiti State. The state government should also procure state security infrastructure and recognise local security outfits to supplement the efforts of the Nigerian Police Force in addressing kidnapping for ransom in Ekiti State.




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